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About Us
Connecting Innovative Tech Leaders with Exceptional IT Talent
Atomichronica focuses on providing diverse solutions for the challenges of different levels of complexity. Combining your goals with our expertise, the Atomichronica team will implement better solutions to increase your company's bottom line. We help grow your business by delivering the highest levels of performance and customer delight.
Our ongoing learning agenda and Agile environment drive our team to constantly improve its digital skills and expertise to provide you with the most innovative solutions. The range of technologies used and implemented within Atomichronica includes but not limited to Direct Staffing, IT Staff Augmentation, Project-Based Software Development and Testing, Business Processes Automation, Augmented Reality.
With a growing demand for globalization, we are ready to assist our clients with all of their product readiness needs to hit the road running anywhere around the world. We transform unique requirements from our clients into software solutions with advanced quality and premier technologies.
Atomichronica provides top IT talents for remote and onsite agile Staff Augmentation engagements as well as help with your direct staffing needs. Strong presence in the United States, Central/Eastern Europe allows us access to a comprehensive cross-section of talent. We are working toward finding excellent candidates, with a strong personality for the right job.
Our specialty in the IT market is a talent that is hard to find in this rapidly expanding market and some who have niche technical skill sets. Our team of recruiters is trained to look for the highest quality resources available. We also have experts in different disciplines interviewing candidates to boost the productivity of the hiring process on the client’s side.
What We Offer
  • Contract and Full Time Employee Staffing Services
  • Contract-to-Hire Staffing Services
  • Team-Based Staffing Services
  • Project-Based Staffing Services & Project Work
  • Onsite/Onshore Remote and Global/Offshore
  • Staffing Service
Advantages of an Outside Staffing Agency
  • Most cost-effective way to hire because it helps you reduce cost of hire and overhead
  • Designing a proactive staffing plan adjusts your workforce to your workload and you can trim labor costs, reduce benefits expenses and greatly limit overtime expenses
  • Cut training expenses and administrative costs
  • Risk Management: balancing your employees’ workload and limiting your legal exposure
  • Improve productivity and flexibility
  • Contain rising labor costs by avoiding overstaffing and containing your overhead
  • Improve companywide performance by eliminating capacity constraints and enhancing your focus
In order to increase the offer to our customers, we created a joint venture with LumiraGroup, which provides top IT talents matching client’s direct staffing needs. LumiraGroup is a boutique test automation strategic partner for your cross-functional technology rationalization and transformation program.
Our combined expertise allows us to work together to provide the best possible expanding offering and increasing customer satisfaction.
Software Development
Looking for a team that feels like an extension of your own? Need an engineering team that understands SDLC best practices ready to take on modernizing your legacy system or developing your production-ready innovative and scalable solution in a timely fashion? Look no more! Our team of professional Software Developers in collaboration with QA, SysOps, DevOps, PM and POs are ready to take on any of your projects while offering years of experience and a variety of top notch technical skills.
Technology Stack:
Quality Assurance and Quality Engineering
We assure quality that makes our customers happy. Through a deep understanding of your business, and with our in-depth knowledge of Quality Assurance Engineering best practices we have helped many companies implement quality measures necessary to gain the highest customer satisfaction and achieve exceptional efficiency through manual and automated testing. Our teams have experience with a variety of technologies and tools to meet all of your individual needs.
What We Offer
  • Quality Assessment
  • High-Value Test Planning techniques and Smoke Tests resulting in early bug detection
  • Architectural Testability
  • Automation Strategy that results in long term opportunities in test cycle reduction, increase of coverage, and scalability
  • Operational Efficiency through Continuous integration
  • Cost reduction through offshore staff augmentation and scalable test approach
UI Testing:
Test NG
Katalon Studio
Mobile Application Testing:
Appium UIautomator2
API Testing:
Java Spring
Performance Testing:
Test NG
Business Processes Automation
Any company’s unique environment should be supported by Business Process Automation solutions tailored to their individual needs. We are helping customers digitize operations to realize new business opportunities and optimize processes for excellent business outcomes. Let your team perform smart work by focusing on efficiency and productivity:
  • Build your most effective process to empower your sales and sales support teams
  • Reflect the value of the implementation process
  • Centralize customer-focused information for the best quality of service
  • Tracking and analyzing results
  • Data-driven decision making

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